1971 Oldsmobile 455 Water Pump

This has been the most difficult water pump to find through the years...until now.

We decided to reproduce our very own at the best quality.

This water pump is correct for 1971 Cutlass SX model with air conditioning, casting #407536.


This fits 455 engines with air conditioning and heavy duty cooling and measures 6".   

This water pump has the correct details in every way necessary, with the correct cast iron impeller, the correct casting, and the correct closed design that moves your anti freeze properly.


Having the proper cast iron impeller is a must for cooling your 455 engine, as without it, cavitation occurs and may cause over heating.

Most rebuilds and generic aftermarket pumps have open stamped steel fans which do not cool properly and cause over heating. Installing the correct water pump on your Cutlass SX insures you that fan belts line up properly.


Pump measures 6" and has the correct detail 3 on the inlet.  Inlet is correct for 1 3/4" for proper lower radiator hose fitment.


  • Water pump comes with the correct gasket and studs for clutch fan. 
  • Don't lose points at car show for the wrong water pump.
  • NO core charge.
  • We have a large collection of water pumps, let us know what you are looking for!

1971 Oldsmobile 455 Water Pump


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