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Water Pump Impeller

Not all water pumps and impellers are reproduced the same. We decided to reproduce our very own at the best quality.


This is a correct, cast iron, factory replacement impeller. 

This impeller will work for water pump years 1965-1972; a/c and non-a/c pumps.


Most rebuilds and generic aftermarket pumps have open stamped steel fans which do not cool properly and cause over heating. Installing the correct water pump on your Cutlass 442 also ensures you that the fan belts will line up properly. Without the proper impeller, cavitation occurs which can cause over heating.

See final photo to view comparison between an original impeller compared to a generic aftermarket rebuild that is highly likely to cause cavitation.



WE ALSO OFFER WATER PUMP REBUILD SERVICES, please call to inquire 610-282-2494

Water Pump Impeller


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