Trunk Spatter Paint

This color is matched to orginal trunks. Our aerosol cans use a premium nozzle that is resistant to clogging for best painting results.


This paint is not water based so it will not wash out with water. This paint does not require to be clear coated for protection either but can be if desired; a matte finish is recommended .


Start by spraying the dark gray (almost black) base then simply stand back and dust the aqua over the gray. The Aqua is designed to spray out little dots/ speckles.


We strongly recommended that the Aqua is tested before spraying in the trunk so the painter can get a good feel for how it works. The closer the Aqua can is the bigger the dots and the further away the can is the smaller the dots get.


We offer a kit of 3 spray cans of the Dark Grey and 1 spray can of Aqua or sold seperatley.

Trunk Spatter Paint

Trunk spatter

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