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Oldsmobile Oil Pan Plus

This oil pan is a factory duplicate that holds more oil for better lubrication and better performance. Lose the worries of the oil pan sucking dry and wiping out your treasured Rocket power plant. A factory oil pan holds 5 quarts including the filter; our oil pan holds 6.25 quarts with the oil filter. 


The pan is just a 1/2 inch deeper and is wider towards the cross member. The oil pan stays above the cross member for safe road clearances. 


Our oil pan holds all of the factory contours. It uses the factory correct drain plug that is 1/2-28 thread with the factory oversized 7/8 hex head. The nut on the inside of the pan has a factory hole in the side for engine oil draining purposes. We also use the factory big block oil pan baffle. 


This oil pan will fit Oldsmobile A and G body cars with big blocks; 400, 425, 455 . They will also fit 1971 and newer B and C bodies. They also have the same bolt pattern as an Oldsmobile small block, but it will only work with a true dual exhaust system; a single exhaust with a crossover pipe will not clear.


The oil pan will not work with 1965-70 B & C bodies because it will interfere with the steering linkage. The oil pan will not work on front wheel drive E bodies either.

Oldsmobile Oil Pan Plus